the League Season 3 Rules for KXTH:

Hosts/scorekeepers may make judgement calls about these rules as needed, depending on conditions during game play.


1. the league is a competitive king of the hill online video game contest
1a. gameplay takes place regularly via various Tony Hawk branded video games for the Playstation 2
1b. the league season 3 is played on THPS4, THUG and THAW
1c. each game is considered an independent division; points earned via one game do not count in another
1c. unlike previous seasons, the league season 3 has no pro, am or grom designations

2. there is no fee to play
2a. there are no monetary prizes, either

3. to enter, simply participate in officially hosted league season 3 sessions
3b. you do not need to register for the site to participate in a session, but we appreciate it if you do


4. the regular season runs 12 weeks
4a. thug division sessions begin april 15, 2006
4b. thps4 division sessions begin april 23, 2006
4c. thaw division sessions begin april 22, 2006

5. at least one officially hosted session will be offered each week for each division
5a. a calendar of official league sessions be found here:
5b. session sign-ups are posted at least 4 days prior to the sessions
5c. the first 5 players to register for a session will be given a password for the session (via email and/or forum pm)
5d. hosts remove the password from a session after the second game of the session
5e. the session ends after one circuit of all regular game levels is played
5f. a session may be extended to let the last player to join during regulation
to get in 5 games
5g. a new session may begin after a session has ended if the host agrees
5h. the host should reboot between sessions
5i. no spaces are reserved for extra sessions
5h. a session may have no more than 6 and no less than 3 players per game to be counted

6. designated hosts may offer ad hoc sessions during the week
6a. ad hoc sessions may or may not be posted on the session calendar and may take place without advance notice
6b. at least 3 players and a designated scorekeeper must be present for ad hoc session results to be counted

7. level changes are made after every game during a session
7a. levels will not be repeated until one game has been played on each level
7b. no created parks

8. a skater may only register for 2 sessions a week (limit does not apply to hosts)
8a. the week for league purposes begins friday mornings (3:01am ET)


9. skaters earn points based on final times in a game
9a. scores equal how a skater's time reads minuse the :
      - for example, 0:59 results in 59 points for the skater and 1:00 scores 100 points
9b. session scores are based on the sum of a skater's best 5 games in a row

10. season scores and rankings are based on the following formula:
      - the sum of a skater's 7 best session scores (7000 max.)
      - plus the sum of a skater's 3 worst session scores (3000 max.)
      - plus a bonus score
10a. the bonus score is based on the following:
      - the number of unique players played during the season
      - multiplied times a skater's average score for all games played in the season


11. the league will provide hosts and scorekeepers for league games
11a. hosts must have a broadband connection
11b. hosts must have a dedicated connection (no other devices connected while hosting)

12. scorekeepers act as rules judges and will make calls on lag and settle disputes


13. lag is considered the same as a weather condition in other sports
13a. a player may complain about lag, but only after a game has ended
13b. do not complain about lag during the game, including "..." "bs" or other common ways of complaining
13c. if you complain about lag after the end of a game, you have the choice of:
       - staying in the session and hope it gets better
       - leaving the session and returning (perhaps it's your connection)
       - leaving the session and not returning
13d. if you stay AND if you have completed 4 games, your score will count regardless of the lag
13e. if you leave and return, any game missed will not count against your score
13f. if you leave and do not return, your session score will not be counted, unless you have complete 4 games
13g. if a majority of people in the session agree that the lag is too bad to play, the host may restart or end the session
       - if a host ends the session, score will cound for all players who completed at least 4 games
       - if a host ends the session before 4 games have completed, score will not count for anyone

14. if a player times out, the game continues
14a. the timed player's score will not count for that game (even if they timed with 1:59)
14b. if they do not return during the session and have played 4 or more games, their session score counts
2b. - less than 4 games and the sessions score will not count

15. if a host freezes, the game does not count
15a. if a host freezes twice, the session ends
       - session scores will not count if less than 4 games were completed during the session

16. if you leave a session for any reason and have completed 4 games, your session score will count


17a. if you're going to talk shit, do it outside of the games
17b. be uncool during a game once and you sit out a game and receive a 0:00 score for one game
17c. be uncool a second time, and the 0:00 will apply to your session score, no matter if your best 5 are all 2:00
17d. be uncool a third time and be ejected from the session and your session score will be recorded as 0:00

18a. no gameshark, no codebreaker, nothing like that
2b. - if we catch you using any of these you will be banned from the league
2b. - doubletap
2b. - wallie shuffle

2b. - out of bounds or underwater glitches
2b. - inside objects or corner glitches
2b. - heaven or sky bounce glitches
      - any speed or ollie boosting glitch

2b.   COLLEGE:
2b.    - wire from frat house to 3 story bldg roof
2b.    - clock tower warp
2b.    - drunken noob circles w/wires anywhere near the garage

2b.    - line from tallest roof around the water tower
2b.    - warp to lighthouse tower
2b.    - other warps on level are OK
2b.    - going into the vents
2b.    - going onto the roof of the bldg with the vents
2b.   LONDON:
2b.    - seam wallie by the water

2b.    - underground funhouse
2b.    - warp to the roller coaster
2b.   HAWAII:
2b.    - going to the hotel roof
2b.    - any ditch warp
2b.    - warps may be used twice per possession
2b.    - noob circles on train station rails/loading platform

2b.   TAMPA:
2b.    - wire to the warehouse rooftops

ANY MORE IDEAS?? Post them to the forums.