kxth is an online gaming community dedicated to providing organized and competitive king of the hill events.

kxth operates primarily on tony hawk skater games and anything else that has a koth or koth-like mode.

the idea is to have fun, promote the game and help new players gain mad skills.

kxth is not a clan. we're just a bunch of people who like playing koth.

kxth started as a few regular kothers from THPS4 and an idea to get more people playing. at the time, TA was the most popular game and koth got no respect. they said it took no skill and was for nubs... until they played us. since then, koth has become one

of the most popular games on THPS4 and we're spreading word on THUG, THUG2 and other games as well.

the heart of what kxth does is run a competitive koth league; a series of events pitting the best kothers in the game against each other for rank and reputation.

for the bloodthirsty, we offer fight club. different from the league, the FC is all about endurance, guts and glory. longer games, fewer rules, no mercy. beatings weekly.

coming soon to kxth are the daily wankings. this is an ongoing ladder system. do your own sessions, report your own losses, get ranked. totally automated, daily wankings never end. so the more you play, the better

your wank... err, rank.

oh, we host koth tournaments from time to time, too.

koth academy (coming soon) helps new kothers learn the basics and get their game together.

if you're a bigger talker than you are a player, you'll find lively discussions in our forums and chat room. trade tips, get tech help, brag about your latest new move or just hang out and make friends.

our galleries will soon house videos and screen caps. and stay tuned for radio owned coming in march.

kxth is totally free. just sign up and you're good to go.